Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All Ears All Eyes All The Time Fuels A Retrospective of James Bond - Dr. No

My friend at All Ears All Eyes All The Time blog is taking it upon himself to revisit all the James Bond films (we're still looking for odds and ends, but he's starting with the major ones for sure). Personally Quantum of Solace left a funny taste in my mouth, but I still thought it was a solid action flick.

The first two official Bond film reviews are up, starting with Dr. No:

"The recent release of several James Bond films onto high definition Blu-ray discs grabbed my curiosity a few months back and I decided to check out the titles that had been released to nerdily see if the new high definition transfers looked any better than the standard DVDs. As I started doing this, I realized that it had been a while since I watched a few of these Bond movies and in some cases even several years. I decided that I was going to embark on a gigantic undertaking: to re-watch every James Bond film in succession. I’ve been at it for a little over a month now and will be chiming in from time to time to update everyone on my progress and opinions of the films. Let’s begin where else, but the film that started it all..."

To read more on Dr. No, check out his review.

for From Russia With Love, which I think is the best Bond film (my personal favorite being For Your Eyes Only and the Dalton films, yeah so sue me), go here.

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