Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SCRATCHbread @ Toby's Public House: This Bread Will Kick Your Boo-tay

I've never been a huge bread fan. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating bread at restaurants because I'm waiting impatiently for whatever greatness lies ahead. As well, olive oil and fresh bread is something I will keep eating until someone rips them from me.

I'm not a bread expert though; I don't have loaves sitting around to create snacks and assorted foods. I grew up in the more rice/stir fry/dumplings vein, the Chinese aren't really bread-y.

I think I'll start to take notice though after I witnessed something kinda incredible yesterday, which was SCRATCHbread. Not sure why Scratch is in caps, but hey, it's modern. I was at Toby's Public House for a Brooklyn Yelp event (for those who don't know Greenwood Heights, it's actually an interesting quiet section that goes unnoticed). A man with a plan came around and he said, "have some SCRATCHbread, I'll be coming around later with coupons." I like coupons, especially cutting them out of the Sunday paper, but this bread was insane. It looked like someone burned off a piece of the Toxic Avenger and infused it with this really hearty, crisp flavor that grew tangy as I kept chewing. It was the South Slope Sour (pictured above), or at least it had to be.

The founder, Matthew J. Tilden, says he wants "approachable sophistication" and I couldn't agree more, this is what food is about. It's what Brooklyn can be about most of the time.

This is the kind of bread that you invert the sandwich for. Yes so you put the meat on the outside and the bread sandwiched in the middle.

For more info on their bread lineup and what's rockin' in their world, go to their official site: SCRATCHbread Official Site For Bread Lovers Into Heavy Music

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tohming said...

it does look chew-y. i like bread to go with olive oil, a wonderful invention in the world of food. it is strange that you don't feel "oily" when you eat chewy bread bread with olive oil. but i am not crazy about the sour stuff. it does not go well with me....