Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here at the Belltel, We Love To Pat Ourselves on the back again

I had half a mind this morning as my lobby trot was interrupted by a nicely structured and somewhat pleasant BellTel Lofts NYC Landmark Preservation Ceremony. We all know it's a landmark. It says so outside the building. I know it's supposed to be a nice pick us up to start summer in terms of getting some more press, but there are concerns amongst many residents and the last thing I need to see is self-congratulations at this point.

Things are indeed getting repaired and maintained but it will take a while with the little manpower available to the building...again as the neighborhood shifts and changes along with the local politics the overall vibe may climb, but I question the amount of vision to see things through from up top. This is not to be snobby; I don't want to talk the talk and not walk that proverbial walk. It just kind of annoys me to set up something that I'm sure is a nice dedication to the building when the building itself just needs more work done with residents already inside it. The pushing and shoving to this point is disheartening but there has to be a way to stop looking at the glorious past and start thinking about how to honor it properly now and in the future with a residential building people can be truly proud of.

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