Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coming Soon....Chris Cabin Weighs In On Movies

Cabin and I, plotting something at a Brooklyn girl's birthday party only to be foiled by several beverages at what was formerly New Gate Bar and turned into Society.

So yes, I've been putting up Chris Cab-tion contests (and believe me, they'll still run until I run out of funny pictures of Chris Cabin, there's a beaut coming) and being all over the poor guy, but soon we're going to have an extra hand to massage the KCB audience with. Chris, our very own resident film critic, will be giving us his thoughts on current and past movies including the small stuff playing in the New York market (we have to have some sort of foot there don't we) that will test your brain as well as your penchant for artistic value. Y'know, all that Lincoln Center, Cinema Village, Quad/IFC/Angelika fare that is home to some really great movies and some really crappy ones, but it's all indie. Of course, Cabin enjoys the mainstream as well, so you'll get his round up of those.

In the end, his opinions are his own and not necessarily of mine. Maybe I'll even chime in....

More Bar Spotlights and the u-ge to come people, it's almost summer weather!

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