Monday, May 11, 2009

Bringing MMA to New York: I Don't Like Bob Reilly

" of the future"
- Lloyd Dobler

Really, who is to say anything against Lloyd Dobler? The man is DA MAN. Say Anything could be a perfect movie.

The friends at Cage Potato have been covering the Bob Reilly factor when it comes to sanctioning MMA in New York. There has been much debate and talk over this issue but as a excitable MMA fan The KCB doesn't like the logic that Mr. Reilly uses in his arguments. Sure it's not for everyone but to deny a sport that would bring millions of dollars into the local economy (say if there were cards at MSG) and also totally ignore how the sport has developed into a legitimate enterprise really shows how idiotic Reilly is being. I'm all for arguments even for stuff that I enjoy or back, but none of the words coming out of this guy's mouth remotely make sense or show that he did his homework (which often comes from very staunch 'opinions' that don't respect MMA as much and therefore have a skewed view, such as ESPN or Sports Illustrated). Dinosaurs....

What's worse is that he represents Albany, the area from which I'm originally from. That sucks. Next time I'm up there I'll let him know that he has illegitimate reasoning. And then I'll go to the track to mullet-watch.

Anywho, CP is suggesting a bridging of Reilly's political interests with his lack of support for MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) more specifically. Check out the article here.

Such is a tricky situation if this is the chain that leads to Reilly's perspective on MMA in New York. In the end greed sort of wins out on either end, and that's sad, because as a fan you hate to see an intellectual argument (or not) to validate the sanctioning of MMA in this state pared down into political and financial tug-of-war.

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