Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gold Fiction? Sounds like a Newberry Award that books used to win back in the day

Gold Fiction is a new piece of construction featuring a Mr. Charlie Pino and Galen Criscione on vocals, guitars, and keyboards. You'll enjoy their dusty sounds, twangy jangles, and feathery strands of singing (Mick Jagger-lite?) across two songs on their MySpace: "Something Great" and "Texas". Throw in some dissonance and introversion and you just might end up drinking a little bit slower and wondering about that girl across the room.

Gold Fiction is playing in lovely Greenpoint, at Red Star on 37 Greenpoint Avenue, which is one of the more sporty and less hipster spots to go to, complete with a nice backyard if I'm not mistaken. It's their debut show, so please come out and support!

Also on the bill are their friends, No Lindsay and Joanna Levine. Come join the event on Facebook or become a fan here.

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