Monday, April 6, 2009

Ever wanted to do something not lame during dinner time? Check out Reflections @ Monkeytown with DJ Slouch and KRTS

I know I know, usually most days it's sometimes a bit odd to be strolling to an early event during dinner time (I guess I don't do Broadway shows that often) but you won't be disappointed nor will you get seats if you don't grab tickets to Reflections @ Monkeytown on May 2nd featuring local favorites DJ Slouch and KRTS. It's all from the folks at Powerstrip Circus. They'll be performing simultaneously, which means both your hemispheres should be sufficiently blown for the night. You could literally stomp on other people's parades later in the evening and still come out on top. It starts at 7:30, which gives me enough time to digest some fish and chips at Spike Hill at the Bedford L. To go along with the funky fresh sounds (or as KRTS put it, his most "emotional show" which has to involve a lot of moments of "UNGH! YEAH" aka some soul people), you got visuals that will trip you harder than a soccer slide tackle from VJ's Firefly and Sima.

RSVP to or as Powerstrip Circus says, go to the Monkeytown website. So maybe that seared duck breast will pull me away from Spike Hill or the free pizza down the block...

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