Monday, April 13, 2009

Downtown gets some groceries....awwww right!!

I was pining for just one grocery store so I didn't have to lug the granny cart around and compete with actual grannies in Aisle Takeover at Key Foods, but now we're getting two!

Concord Market, who according to their comment on the Brownstoner post, is insistent that they are going to be an improvement over the Associated that was there on Jay and Tillary.

"Concord Market is going to be a modern/upscale & affordable food market that will address the needs of the upper/middle class residents of the Concord Village Co-ops, in addition to the local office workers & college students of Downtown Brooklyn.

Construction is well underway and should be completed in the next few weeks."

I should be fairly impressed, but for my purposes, I think I'll try the Brooklyn Fare (check out their cute site) opening on April 22nd right by the Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop at 200 Schermerhorn. Gothamist has brought me this good news, great news in fact. They deliver in fun cargo vans that aren't shady at all. Well until someone takes some paint to it. And a real sushi chef? I mean, most markets have a "sushi chef" but when they say real, it could be a quick sushi fix on the way home. With a to-go section with sandwiches and stuff, I could learn to love it more than Garden of Eden.

Oh and on top of just shopping there, they are setting up a cafe and restaurant in the future thats....BYOB. Imagine buying good beer and then just being able to enjoy it on the spot? How novel. A couple chapters into the novel, that is.

Getting the necessary store and supply support in the area to fix a more neighborhood vibe is a good thing, I believe there's lots to benefit from having something within real striking distance in downtown.

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tohming said...

Bingo!!! Now the downtown Brooklen life is complete!