Friday, March 20, 2009

Afternoon Stroll 3.20.09 State, Atlantic

So I had the day off and was able to take a little stroll (I wanted to see Duplicity but ended up being enthralled yet again in Brotherhood, such a good show).

Here are my boring pictures (I could never figure out how to take good ones).

Gangs of New York

More period piece fun

Easter approaches

School fail

Kinda looks like a wave of...tree

Still vacant, this one

mmm juicy...

Awesome bike:

From Trixie and Tilda on Atlantic:

Between Bridge and Duffield...

1 comment:

tohming said...

hmmmmm... the 480 state sreet still vacant?! must be at least a year now...
i like the place, close to everywhere but hidding behind the busy streets. i wonder if they have knocked down the price...