Thursday, February 19, 2009

Somewhat Mindless Purchases at The Brownstoner Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo

So, I trekked to the Brownstoner Brooklyn Flea, winter style, on Front Street in DUMBO to check out the indoor scenery. I was treated to some great soul music which you could purchase, and I ended up with two things: a very old, 1937 Popular Science issue which is fun, and part of a tobacco cutter patented on May 7, 1889 (I can't imagine how they used it, but the man said it was a very interesting piece to grab at a flea). It also said The Victor, and it looks like it's from Albion, NY with the name C.M. Mallory on it. If anyone can explain it to me, that would be awesome. Here are pictures:

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tohming said...

well, may be you can use it when you create a company some day. that would be your office sign.