Saturday, February 7, 2009

New York Comic Con 2009: Some Photos, Some Walking, and Fanboys Minus Deodorant

Two things that stand out: Blue He-Man and Boba Fett. Never bet against the Fett-man.

So I went to Comic Con today and thoroughly enjoyed myself, although by the end I really wanted to actually get several specific issues relating to the X-Men reboot in 1991. Maybe tomorrow? Probably not, although I could certainly surf for them on eBay or just get myself to a comics store. I also walked too far to the point where I entered the New York Times Travel Show, which actually was really cool but unfortunately was overshadowed. First person I saw? Scott Adsit. 458th person I saw? Grizz.

I got to see the nice view from the Newsarama sky box, where the crew was doing a Venture Bros. interview. They basically talked about random stuff here and there, and of course, about Ken Plume (you can find his site here).It's a great forum for those guys not just on paper, but I think a great thing about comics culture is the amount of referencing made somewhat charming by the fact that most of these "facts" are about made up worlds. They know their material and what they want to pull from. Referencing stuff in the genre can be a lot of fun both in and out of context, either in earnest or in jest. It makes for a culture that is misunderstood but at the same time, totally up front and honest. Just take a look at the costumes...

Enjoy the pictures and the captions!

From the Mattel section; she's gotta have implants

Crack Doll could be appropriate as well (they were all in garbage cans, serves 'em ugly....)

She wouldn't turn around for me. It's 'cuz she CAN'T HEAR in that thing

The behemoth of NY comics

Yeah I didn't really know he was still around either

Oh Yeah!! I mean Malin Ackerman's ass

People were winning stuff from this booth, notice how Green Lantern is point directly at yours truly, he knows what time it is

Steve works for Harry Abrams, should I have bought? Most definitely

View from the Newsarama sky box overlooking the event

I didn't like the trailer the first time I saw, now I'm a bit more excited...ish

Why is he blue? Because the cutie in the Batgirl costume didn't finish, and since he's He-Man, well, his body gets blue. That's not a good explanation.

The Marvel area was crowded with lots of people for no particular reason but then someone took a mic and everyone collectively got a boner, even the women.

This kid was nice enough to take time out of this dueling something something and pose

He took the head off, and I couldn't believe it was a fake. Han Solo looked more like Han No-lo. Ok that was bad.

Mixing Marvel and DC. There were also mixed drinks.

Grand Theft Chinese...Way to tap into THAT market...although they probably should have done Grand Theft....Tokyo

Trading cards just got better? I just got boner

Steven Saj-dak: "If you tap me in the back of the knee, I'll probably crumble...been here since 11". Dork.

Most Serious Person In Costume Ever

Samurai swords so that the men could fend off women. Samurai swords so women could look even more ridiculous. I'm talkin bout you Pirate Lady.

Galactus is a gajillion times larger than Silver Surfer in size, and yet is nearly half the price? oh COME ON

Yeah well, this is to be expected....Superman costume circa Superman I?

Unfortunately there were no Babe of the Day video footage

Toadstool didn't know the two Asian kids. Thus her facial expression.

Breakdancing AND that's not a condom on the ground

Here's the pitch: It's a massively multiplayer online game for kids. Think World of Warcraft for kids. Creepy hitting on virtual women not included.

An Ugly Doll. Again.

A flagship brand, not sure if it got a lot of attention (it was kind of off to the side)

They're doing the robot. Maybe doing each other later as well. Wheelchair man will watch that too.

Artists booth section, where you can meet the artists behind the comics, excuse me graphic novels, excuse me they're different

Tony Stark is smirking. Dunno why, cuz he HAS NO LEGS

Pic from the floor

Tons of gaming toward the south side, and plenty of nerds hogging the controls

This guy's favorite word was "debaters" so he obviously loves Denzel Washington

Actually this is what he was really talking about

Nerder at 1600...2700

Emo band name?

I wish I had more time to comb what I need to comb. I did manage to comb my hair in the bathroom though.

So Caprica is coming out...excited!

You can tell my photos are getting worse when I have a side shot of Predator. A 5'8" Predator.

They weren't free. I uh, I didn't realize that. JK JK

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