Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Speaking of Fah Q'ing the subways, tell it to the MTA tomorrow evening in person!

Think scaling back and raising prices doesn't make sense either? Especially when the numbers are in the hundreds of millions?

The Daily News is reporting that the MTA is holding an open (probably slightly open) forum from 6pm to 9pm tomorrow, Jan. 29th, at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Brooklyn.

Hooah! I might just take a look, or take a minute to voice that R train ear stabbing. Not that it'll be a problem because we'll be going over the bridge in the evenings from now on folks...

Check out the story here.

Can't picture it? Here you go: You see the Marriott from the outside (it'll be darker out, less light, etc. etc. than this picture)

Then! You'll be yelling at the MTA...INSIDE the building, in the nice lobby before the shindig and then in the conference room ballroom whatever room (hotel room if she's really a cougar). That guy is rushing in this picture by the way:

Then! After all the headaches acquired from yelling and howling (as my dad would exclaim), you want to jump off here:

Yup there are the bridges, so nice and lovely at night.

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