Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Little Jailhouse Rock? No Hip Swerving Yet on Atlantic

The Brooklyn Paper reported on the most recent development about the push (and furious reaction) to re-open the Brooklyn House of Detention on Atlantic by Smith for those awaiting trial. As many have said before, Atlantic is not what it once was, and the changing makeup is certainly cause enough for protest to populating it with possible criminals. Granted, the city in general always has hotspots for crime and also the grit of the legal system (check out any courthouse in downtown Brooklyn or Manhattan, not the friendliest place even with police presence).

I actually see the mayor's point about if there is enough security, having this open won't be a burden. The area itself though has enough bad blood floating around downtown that it shouldn't spill somewhere that is now much more residential than before. The idea is that many of these people awaiting the legal process live in Brooklyn and their families can be close by. Don't you love convenience?

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