Sunday, December 14, 2008

Debaucheri's 'Stand Up For Sex' benefit on 12/16: Comedy, Burlesque, and possibly a lot of "that's what she said"

I got a Facebook invite recently to a sex comedy show/benefit thrown by Debaucheri, part of an initiative that "aims to bring about a sex positive culture through education, exposure and awareness." There will be merriment, live comedy, and lots of sex talk in earnest. Here's the lowdown:

"Featuring Comedy From:
Ben Siegel*
John Mahone*
Jena Friedman*
Joanne Filan*
Evon Campbell*
Alec Sobel*
+ Burlesque and Erotica+

Basement of Think Coffee
248 Mercer Street Btwn W3rd and W4th Street

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Doors Open 7:30
Show Starts at 8pm
Party ‘til 10:30pm

$7 Cover, $5 advance if you RSVP

20% of the door profits go to the Sex Worker's Project ("

You can also win a contest to receive a Love Seat from Adam & Eve (

Considering New York is such a sexually charged atmosphere especially after the sun goes down (along with quite a few people) I think due to the sheer amount of different backgrounds that its denizens purport to having, underground organizations that deal frankly with the more probing subjects can find a happy medium just existing without really gaining much exposure. In entertainment, there will always be a niche through publications like the Village Voice that really know the heartbeat of the city and has the network to cover much of the events and have the pro-active readers to shimmy along to check these things out. However, having a serious "sex awareness" message is cool, but really when it comes down to it, people, whether they admit it or not, enjoy the heightened sensuality, almost danger (getting out of the usual under-stimulated zone we occupy quite a bit) of going to functions like this and getting tickled. I guess the learning is more like "sex awakening" rather than "sex awareness".

I always find subjects like violence and sex to be really fascinating not just because of the morals but because of the visceral nature of how it affects the psyche and the body. There is so much judgment passed around regarding the nature of these things, the intellectual manifestations of something that can be considered primal and taboo. So in that sense, and due to it's central location, you should check this out after work on Tuesday, it should be a fun time had. Oh and that love seat raffle, I'm sure taking that home on the subway could be pretty interesting depending on how it's wrapped.

For more information or to RSVP, go to their official site: Debaucheri Mag

To RSVP on Facebook, go here.

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