Friday, October 24, 2008

Bar Spotlight (Football Season Edition): Cody's Ale House

Cody's Ale House
154 Court Street, just south of Atlantic Avenue
Cobble Hill
(I forgot to put these addresses to start!)

Cody's is quite simply one of the best bars I've been to to watch the games on Sunday. You have Sunday Ticket, plenty of TVs all around (although the quality and color temp varies) at different angles for great viewing lanes. It's crowded but never too much so, and beyond the numerous Steelers fans, you have most teams represented here. There's zero tolerance for unruliness or obnoxious behavior or spats between rival teams. But it's different than say, 200 Fifth.

Nestled in Cobble Hill only two blocks off Atlantic, it's fairly nonchalant from the outside, you may even pass by it without noticing the crowd inside. The bar is cozily shaped on the right with two levels of TVs by the bar, a string of tvs by the high tables on the left, and a few TVs in the back on the plateau'd table area where if you're lucky you can grab with a few friends early.

The staff here is top notch, these guys love the game and you don't even have to say anything, if you're perched near a TV and they see you have a particular team's apparel on, they'll make sure the TV near you has your game on, and your first pint comes with a "good luck" as well. That's the shit right there, you know you're in for a good time a great establishment (that has a rotating cheap pint, can you say Amber Bock for 3.75 last week?). People here are friendly and nobody really looks out of place. You'll see the regulars kind of hunched at the front of the bar and then sporadically the cornucopia starts. I actually was offered a seat so I could eat my food at a high table where the dude's girlfriend left to run an errand for a few minutes and he was like, "yo you should sit down, she won't be back for a while". Then, when she got back and I got up, they were like, "no worries I'll just pull up another chair". Oh Cobble Hill.

The waitress is SUPER nice and she knows how to work the crowd, and by that I mean she's always on the move and comes around often for refills and has no problem even if I just want a Diet Coke, she'll grab it for me.

The food ain't half bad either; I enjoy the chicken fingers and the calamari is decent. The salads are pretty fresh as well if you're looking for something a bit healthier.

There are no pretentions here, or even outlandish behavior, it's one of the most civilized bars for football that I've been to with this amount of a crowd. Most of the women here are decidedly short and cute as well, although during the weekday there's not much atmosphere, this is definitely very high on my list every Sunday when I'm picking a spot to hang.

The picture below is old; the TVs on the pigeon stands above the bar have been replaced by flatscreen TVs, and the back section with the tables has also been equipped with 4 TVs, one on each wall.

Folks it doesn't get any better than this really.

You can check out Cody's on Yelp here.

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