Saturday, October 18, 2008

Actors in New York (not a play on that Richard Gere/Winona Ryder movie): Anna Koonin

Keeping things to this coast after talking about Marvelous Toy from Los Angeles, I figure I would bring you up to speed on the good citizens of this city.

Having been a bartender myself in the city, and knowing the kind of culture and sort of pride that many consider and get behind due to its many unique qualities and difficulties, some of the cliche is that actors find fluid and flexible employment in this part of the service industry. You employ a great smile and small talk in your arsenal while also honing listening skills and working on a timer from minute to minute, second to second. Even the act of doing something over and over again can mimic small takes where you engage in an improvised dialogue with patrons.

Anna Koonin is one such woman. Many people and friends have known her for a while now as the baroness of No Idea Bar in Flatiron, although I feel she would say she's a bit more modest than that. Knowing Anna at NYU through class and friends, and her education at that institution under Atlantic and Playwrights gives her a great classic combination of acting perspectives. See, I didn't want to just turn this into Bartender Spotlight, although that is an idea for the future to go along with the Bar Spotlights.

You may recognize her from her small part as a bartender on Guiding Light, or if you're a fan of Newsday, which along with other local publications New York can't seem to get enough of, you may recognize her as the woman with the wine tour in their commercials:

She was also a recent host on NYC TV's They're So New York program, where she got to report a piece on Rooftop Films, a non-profit indie film showcase. You can see check out the program at this link and see her bio and comments here.

She is a proud member of AFTRA (the other large film/tv actors union besides SAG) and is currently also freelancing at the legit agency Harden-Curtis. I encourage you to stop by on Wednesdays and Fridays at No Idea, a good bar in itself but surely made better by Anna's bright and appealing countenance. I understand the uphill battle that many actors face, but she's certainly got a hold on the consistency of work and I'm sure it'll lead to something great.

Some of her recent stuff is on the Midnight Talley Film's YouTube channel, check it out here.

For her official website and contact info, go here:

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