Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bar Spotlight (Football Season Edition): Status Q

The time is upon us. Donning my Bledsoe Pats jersey that I've had since about 3rd grade, I will be doing another year of feverish game-watching on Sundays. Last season I was particular to Lighthouse Tavern and 200 Fifth because both had plenty of TVs and were in Park Slope which was on the R line. I also ventured into Bay Ridge, where Status Q became a staple and probably the only bar where I could walk in with a Patriots jersey and not get ripped to shreds (there was representation from all over, and Status Q isn't particularly crowded and the free food keeps everyone happy).

In fact, from week to week I'll talk about some great places to watch games during the season, from more casual places to establishments where you should indeed know your football or else don't speak more than "I'll have a ___". And yes, I'll watch college, and yes, from time to time I will watch all the games at home anyway. However, minus cable for now, I'll have to pick up ESPN and Sunday Ticket and Saturday Game Pass games of my favorite teams (Pats, Tennessee, Penn State) at the bar.

Let's start with Status Q. Situated in Bay Ridge, which as a neighborhood really doesn't get enough props because it's so far out (same goes for other near the end or end of subway line areas), it's on a fairly quiet and typical block on 3rd Avenue. The first thing that is impressive is the care they took with the outside look (I wouldn't really call it a "lounge" though). It sets itself up as a nice and nicely run establishment, which it is.

When you walk inside, it's incredibly clean and bright; the staff here is very nice even if they hate the Patriots, I've never gotten a cross look or a feeling of intimidation here (except one Yankees fan who was mumbling shit to me under his breath, it's like dude we're watching Sunday football, why don't you change into the correct sport or else step off). Lots of representation here that I've seen over the times I've gone, including Eagles and even the Bengals. If the games aren't for you (they have a large projection screen as well as 5 or 6 flat screens and Sunday Ticket, so just ask the bartender which game you'd like), they have lots of pool tables, hence the name Status Q. I've never been on a regular night, but I'm sure the tables are filled up with plenty of Bay Ridge-itude. They also have a serious Dart league that's ongoing as well.

The best part about Status Q for the Sunday games is the prices (3 dollars for a pint is always agreeable) as well as the FREE FOOD all afternoon. Nobody else seems to eat it, but I always help myself to as much as I can, with the blessings of the bartender. It's usually a change up every week of a two course thing, such as hot dogs with sauerkraut, or meatballs and pasta, or chicken and fries, etc. etc. It's good, it's hot, and along with a cold brew, and plenty of space (it doesn't get too crowded), it's an excellent, low key choice for Sundays. There's not going to be a lot of rabble rousing or a serious streak, it's very laid back and a great, very inexpensive way to spend time watching the games. As well, you can always skip over to Ben's pizza down the block and get something for yourself to bring into the bar if the free grub runs out.

Bottom line: highly recommended for a low key football experience; however, their MySpace page is anything but low key, it's hilariously entertaining, see it here.

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