Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bar Spotlight (Football Season Edition #3): Lighthouse Tavern

So keeping in the Park Slope vein I'm doing Lighthouse Tavern because, well, I just feel like it (don't worry Kettle Black, I'll hit you up at some point this season. And don't worry Manhattan, we'll get to some digs at some point).

Going here just to hang out is a good idea, it's on a nice block of the Slope on 5th near Ginger's and The Gate. They have specials every night (including game and trivia nights), and the food isn't too pricey, not the biggest portions but 10 bucks for pretty good fish and chips isn't a bad thing. The great thing about the place is it's cozy, the New England feel really seeps in with the light blue and the tight feel. The couches are snugly fit, and the back has a pool table, with not quite a lot of room to roam but thank god it's ditched on Sundays for football. I love anything that even pretends to be in a New England/northeast coast maritime style, and these guys have just enough small details from framed artwork to the tight pub feel. It's just a great neighborhood bar.

The thing about this place is the good selection of smaller beers that they have in rotation, you're always going to come here and be like, "I should try that". They have scheduled beer tastings as well, so be on the lookout.

So on to the football. They bring on the brunch for football season, as well as ton of fun patrons who all enjoy making fun of that one dude in the corner who's being really obnoxious. For a tight bar, there's plenty of room in the back, so I would suggest pushing toward that section of the place, because the front of the bar is skinny and two large guys or gals later and there's a traffic problem. It's a well lit bar, so you're able to see all the action without having to squint your eyes; I really like having lots of light during the day is so key, even if indirect, to the vibe of a bar. With Sunday ticket you'll have to pick your TV but the bartenders are friendly as are the patrons, so work it out!

The portions here are average but you could really catch yourself eating too much here; a place like 200 Fifth doles out the food as if we were kings, but here is a smaller kitchen operation and things are kept manageable in classic baskets of food. But at least my favorite, the ole' fish 'n chips, is crisp and light. They have an array of burgers and bar snacks under 10 bucks; the prices are also very reasonable, there's always a cheaper option in case the wallet is a little thin (High Lifes are 3 bucks, Bud Light 4) but you'll want to shell out 6 bucks for the micro brews (they might be in transition from summer to fall lineup, I'll have to check to see what they have going on). I would suggest the Old Bay bloody mary, it'll put a hop in your step if you're not doing so hot from the previous night. If you'd like to sip on a bourbon during the week or even during the game, they have a few more bottles than the average bar at smart prices (I do enjoy the Woodford Reserve).

Another great thing about this place (unless it's a bar particular to your team, then you'll feel right at home) is the lack of a dominant crowd; there's displacement from lots of different teams, so the communal football experience is really felt. People are less obnoxious when this happens, and that's why this is a great place to go on a sunny Sunday afternoon to catch up on the religion we know as football.

For Lighthouse's official site, go here. To see what they say about it on Yelp, click here.

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