Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poster Critique - Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I was looking at Superior Pics, who in turn got this from MTV's Movie Blog. First thing that caught my eye was how sly they were with the Juno-esque font for the title, I'm not sure it fits but the kind of artfully handwritten style does remind me of older indie flicks like how Singles did their subtitles the way this poster displays the actors names. They should have put the title in the same font as the actor bills, in fact, now that it reminds me of Singles, another live music scene-loving film with meet cute romances, I'd want to see that just because of those similarities. Other than that, the poster overall is similar to the Kissing Jessica Stein theatrical poster as well.

The city skyline at the bottom is nice, denoting a possible long, arduous, and cool journey through the city.

My favorite parts are the color of Kat's shirt (well, and the fact that she's hot) and the warmth of the tone on their outline, and above all, the fact that they are in focus versus everything else out of focus. With the romance angle, I like how at a live concert where everything is hectic and the music is killing eardrums and just all sorts of stuff is going on, there's always the one girl (or guy) that catches your eye. It's one of those instances where you purposely drown out everything else in the mise en scene and focus on that person, because well, there are lots of attractive women at shows. Lots.

The other great part is their expressions: they are leaning into each other with really disarming smiles, as if they are laughing about something that, combined with everyone else out of focus, only they are privy to. It's a great "moment" caught. Throw in the mohawked dude in the foreground and you have a little variety. Good thing they aren't hipsters. Or emo.

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