Monday, July 7, 2008

The Coast @ Union Hall 7.6.2008

I was having a few pints with my friend Chris over at Pacific Standard, and we decided to fill up the growler with some ale and head over to Union Hall to see what was doing at the bocce courts. Turns out, Toronto's The Coast showed up a little late and was able to inadvertently headline the Sunday night show. Chris and I were probably only two of maybe 12 people there, but for what we saw, we went ahead and bought their record, Expatriate. Now while the record is catchy and easy to listen to, with swooping, simple guitar riffs and a decent amount of reverb and some keys to fill out some tracks, I wouldn't say it's incredibly original or varied. Chris said it was like "the Gin Blossoms with integrity". I wouldn't downgrade them that much, if you like a more introspective Phoenix then you should definitely check them out, it's great summer music, really unpretentious, and I met Ian and Ben and they were cool. And it certainly makes for a solid live show, one that made it all the more enjoyable as Union Hall's basement doesn't exactly scream roomy.

The Coast are currently on a U.S./Europe tour, their dates can be found on their MySpace page. They are playing at Rehab tomorrow night (7/8) in the East Village.

Check them out here:
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