Monday, December 8, 2008

Gashouse Gorillas - A Half Hour of Comedy at Bar 4 on the night of 12.4.08

Video should be posted fairly soon and I'll get that up as soon as it comes around from the Gorillas themselves.

Bar 4 is kind of a perfect place to have small bits here and there, and I guess comedy is a rare instance (I know, Park Slope is sooooo serious.....ok that was a lame joke) so it was nice to see Gashouse Gorillas hamming it up in front of a new audience of people who had no idea the kind of profanity and twisted sensibility they were in for.

Unfortunately their first joke was exposed before they had a chance to capitalize on it, starting off looking like a band but they were introduced as a comedy group from the songwriter going on after them. As their band banter escalated into a taunting handjob meth-addled shoutfest, they set up a couple of zingers that got the crowd more into it, and surprisingly, nobody was talking and everyone was watching, which is always a good sign (it's usually why I never try to go into bars on live music/performance nights, no offense to them, it's just I'm probably with friends who I would like to talk to and I don't want to put down the efforts of someone who should receive my full attention if I'm going to see them play).

I can't help but feel like the initial joke, if it had gone through, would have really worked and would have given the whole first set a real hairyness, and by that I mean awkward "is this a band melting down before my eyes" kind of shock.

The second set, with no masks as to what they were about to say, had a couple of nice sketches, especially the Subway sandwich guy sketch ("I'm sorry if this sandwich cannot satisfy your wife") and the starter, in where a concerned citizen tries to persuade a really sarcastic beat cop to check out a mysterious package.

It's been a while since they performed live but things look like they are rolling and are looking pretty fluid.

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